The Red Plane Crash and The Heart

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The Dream:

An airplane with a red, four-cylinder engine is leaking oil, and smoke is coming from the engine. The plane takes off, but then immediately crashes.
I woke up from this dream, sat bolt-upright, and immediately thought to myself, I am having heart problems. Four months later I needed a stent in my heart; four years later I had a severe heart attack.

Later, I came to understand that the four-cylinder red engine was equivalent to the four- chambered heart. This dream became part of a blog about the experience of dealing with a heart attack (

The blog became part of an art show in Saratoga Springs, New York. During a talk at the show, I spoke of how I stopped mentioning this dream to cardiologists when they looked at me very strangely because I was telling them a dream.

In an e-mail conversation with one of the people who attended the show, Hope Melton (director of the Vital Aging Network in Saratoga Springs, New York), the question came up as to why most physicians ignored dreams, which are potentially provide very useful diagnostic information.
Out of those conversations came the idea to have a weekly blog, with an accompanying website (, still under construction) about the importance of dreams in medicine.
If you have had any dreams, or know of any dreams in the literature, that were related to medical conditions, please contact me.


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