Dreams and Healing

All dreams come in the service of health and wholeness.

Jeremy Taylor, D.Min.

The emphasis in the previous blogs has been about dreams and illness; dreams are images of a path towards wholeness.

The next blogs will focus on one type of dreams, the dream of flying.


Jeremy Taylor

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llynskyn said...

My sister had a dream before waking on a Monday morning that she was coming to the rescue of some kids who were being burned by a curling iron...she rushed over and grabbed the curling iron by the hot rod and it burned into the skin of her hand, sticking sickeningly to the skin of her melted hand. She woke with a fright (nighmarish reaction) to a tingling sensation in the ring and pinky fingers of one of her hands. The numbness and tingling stayed in the hand even after waking...even after a a day and then began to spread and eventually cross her torso and go into her other hand and then down into her hips...rushed to the hospital and is now diagnosed with MS. Any info from your readers or anecdotal knowledge about MS diagnosis? Interesting that the sheath of the nerve is "melted away" in MS described symptoms. The curling iron image seems to mirror what happened with the effect on the milan(sp?) sheath!?