The Black Panther and Melanoma

A patient had come to him with a terrifying dream in which a black panther had attacked him and sunk its claws into his back “between my shoulder blades just to the left of my spine.” Dr. Royston was nonplussed when the man later developed a melanoma (melanos means “black”) in precisely that same spot.

Healing Dreams, Marc Barasch; Riverhead Books, page 66.


Once again I came across the theme of aggressive animals, blackness, and cancer.

This particular dream was told to Robin Boynston, M.D., a Jungian analyst in England. After he heard this dream, he started collecting other dreams related to illness. He reportedly has collected approximately four hundred dreams related to illness. He told Barasch, "These are not ordinary dreams, but big dreams, archetypal dreams, so laden with powerful emotional affect that the dreams is forced to take them seriously."

If you have any dreams that foretold medical conditions, please contact me.

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