More Power Lines in Flying Dreams

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These are comments and power line dreams collected by Linda Lane Magallón; her website about flying dreams is currently under construction. You can reach her through the International Association for the Study of Dreams:

It's as if we all produce different computer programs on the Star Trek Enterprise holodeck, but the gridwork underneath is similar for all of us. Our gridwork is the physical body and brain as well as the bodies of the non-physical level.

I created this theory as a result of viewing my own dreams and hundreds of dreams dreamt in groups. I think few folks actually perceive the grid system as is; most are entranced by the holodeck program which overlays the grid like the white paint on Tom Sawyer's fence. But sometimes the fence peeks through. One of those instances, is, I believe, the case of the wires that have been found in so many flying dreams. They might be seen singly, in multiples or as part of a mesh.
The typical dream goes like this: I am flying; I encounter wires; I try to fly underneath them. Sometimes the dreamer gets caught in the wires; sometimes the wires form an insurmountable barrier. Some dreamers climb the wires; others walk the wires like a tightrope.
Another variation is wider than the wires. It's the window or mirror. Trying to go through glass, dreamers can get stuck, half in-half out or wrapped up in the material. I'm not the first to hypothesize that this sort of experience is the dream equivalent of astral separation.
Besides similar form, the common bond seems to be kinesthetic. We may not all see the same details, but the visual outline plus tactile sensations can alert us to the fact that, underneath the covers, we are having the same sort of dreaming experience.
You might keep this theory in mind as you read the dreams and comments of the Flying Wires Mystery Project.

Flying Wires Dreams and Comments


1) I am flying. It is rudimentary flying. I must pump my legs, as if riding an invisible recumbent bicycle, to keep my altitude. I am flying low, down the middle of a street. Nobody in the street looks up or notices me. I am invisible to them. Above me are telephone and electrical wires. I am careful to stay below them.

2) I am flying, pumping my legs to keep my altitude. I don't yet realize that pumping my legs has little to do with flying. I don't know how to turn very well. I approach an intersection and as I try to turn, I go off course, and can't control my altitude. Suddenly I am caught up in the telephone and electrical wires. This is not painful, however, and I end up freeing myself.
3) I am flying down a street. After my run-in with the wires, I have more confidence about dealing with them. For the first time, I fly through and above the wires. It is not simple, and I notice that I come very close to them as I do this. I notice now that it is the flexing of different parts of my body, not the leg-pumping, that controls my altitude and direction.
4) I grow more confident about gaining altitude. Not only do I fly though the wires, but I fly as high as an airplane. A slight fear always takes hold above a certain altitude however, and I descend slightly. I am still invisible to the rest of the world.
5) I am walking down the street. Without anybody's noticing, I flex my body and fly to the next block and land. I do this repeatedly, delighted with the growing control of my body and my flight.
6) I am walking down the street with friends. We are talking. "Watch this," I say, and flex my body ten feet into the air. My friends are amazed. "How can I learn to fly?" asks one of them. "Practice in your dreams," I reply.
7) I feel that I am becoming a master flyer. I fly above the wires and higher than I've ever flown before. I feel no fear as I rise into the sky. But soon I reach a new obstacle. This obstacle has never been visible to me until now. It is a faint but regular grid of light across the sky. It looms above me, not menacing, just there. The light grid frightens and fascinates me at the same time. It is very shocking. I descend.
Note: About those power lines-when I told my father about those dreams
he told me that he has also had flying dreams in which power lines got in the way! Like father like son!
1) Willfully pushing the doors open wide, I soar out into the deep, dark evening sky. Rich calls out a greeting from indoors and I invite him to join me, but he declines. I tell him there are other dreamers out here exploring as well. They are the misty, cirrus cloud-like shapes drifting in the quiet moonlight. There are a great many of them. Rising higher, I encounter a mesh of powerlines and hesitate for an instant until clearly recalling that I moved through similar ones (in a previous lucid dream) without consequence.
This time, however, I feel a low electrical charge in the tip of one of my little fingers as I begin to pass through. I find this odd and slightly uncomfortable and want to hurry quickly beyond them. As soon as this thought occurs, I am floating far beyond them, frolicking with great joy in the vast, starlit darkness. A banner of neon-bluegreen lines reading 'ULHC' waves by and I assume it stands for University of Lucidity and Higher Consciousness. Shortly thereafter, I begin to awaken and briefly consider spinning, but decide to return and record the experience.

2) I am standing quietly alone in a room when I become aware that I am dreaming...I recall my intention of seeking the meaning of life and decide to pursue this task...Outside, the evening is clear and quiet with stars shining brightly. I float comfortably on my back, gazing up at the heavens. I notice the moon is not visible and assume it has already gone down. I'd like to see it, though, and figure that if I rise high enough I should be able to. Immediately I begin to ascend, still in the same position.

When I come to some power lines I hesitate and wonder how my body will react if I try to float through them. This concerns me only briefly as I say almost aloud, "Wait a minute, whose dream is this, anyway? This is no obstacle!" Having expressing this, I find I am now either beyond them or they have disappeared and I am beginning to rise a bit faster...(I) ask, "May I know the meaning of the Universe?"

The answer comes in a wholly unexpected form. something is emerging from the darkness. It looks like some kind of living molecular model or mathematical equation-an extremely complex, three-dimensional network of fine lines glowing like neon lights. It's unfolding itself, multiplying, constantly changing, filling up the Universe with increasingly complex structures and interrelationships.

This growing movement is not erratic but consistent and purposeful, rapid but at the same time unhurried, determined. When it has expanded beyond me, continuing to multiply, I think of returning to the ordinary world...

It's as if I was seeing the invisible relationships connecting all things-the intimate molecular level superimposed over the vast and limitless Universe...It also led me to believe that in some way I, too, am a unique and essential part of whatever is going on here-the Divine is within as well as without.


Two other women and I are in a small town trying to solve some kind of mystery. Scully from the X-files is also here investigating the mystery, but she is with the FBI and our group is more of an independent team so we don't work with her. We go into a movie theatre and we are exploring "the supernatural". One of the women with me looks like Linda Lane Magallón or like Julie Kravitz. She has a flashlight and she shines it on these hairlike fibers that are all across the movie theater--it is like they are fibers strung about the universe.

Note: My association with these hairlike fibers (which remind me of the wires as described in the experiment) is the description of philotic fibers in Orson Scott Card's books Ender's Game and Speaker for the Dead. In both of these books, alien races communicate with humans telepathically, and the entire universe is connected by these philotic threads that allow instantaneous communication. It is actually a nicely handled metaphor by Card. Although I was not lucid in this dream, I did achieve some lucidity later in the night when I was swimming and decided to breathe underwater because it I knew it was a dream.


Note: I noticed a sync in my story (contributed to the "Black Sheep" newsletter) of the "telephone lines" symbolizing different strands of consciousness. Maybe that's what they symbolize in people's dreams?

I'm at a Calistoga (California spa) type setting with K. and others. She takes off like a plane hanging on to a blow-up (blimp-like) toy that is very large, larger than her.

I see lots of power lines in her path and I get scared that she will hit them (deadly). She skims over one and topples a bit but keeps ascending. She soars out of sight.

I look around the mountain to try to catch sight of her again, but I can't find her. I'm really worried (that) she has fallen. The sky gets cloudy and stormy. Someone (a girl?) tells me about a crash with 3 people (I'm sure it must include her). I'm very distraught. I try to picture her face, just to be able to see again. I want to see her beautiful face again.

Note: At the time of the dream, K. was anorexic, bulimic and on various drugs: alcohol, speed, etc. Her family-mom and grandparents-have always tried to power trip and control her. They are and always have been involved in beauty pageant and dance competition. They own a dance school and want her teaching, competing and involved. She has never been interested in beauty pageants, but she has two sisters who were into it (they are all in their 20's now). The parents' house is filled with their photos and trophies of the girls. K. has a very dark side and tries to cope by getting high. One of her drugs was an inhalant, nitric oxide. I fear this drug use could kill her. I sat with her while she crashed and later, last year, again. She is much better but still bulimic and affected by her overpowering mom.


Note: The telephone and electric wires in flying dreams-I wish I had a clue to what they mean. Somehow they make more sense than an out-of-body dream I had in which a clothesline, yeah, the old-fashioned kind you dry clothes on, was featured.

Hanging on the line was a pair of new burgundy pajamas I was going to give to a dying old man for his birthday who lived in a paint-peeling ramshackle house up the hill behind my "lean-to." He was a "Lord of the Realm"- and although I knew exactly what his house looked like inside, "I could "see" in my mind his bedroom, where he lay sick-I had never been inside it in my life??? But - the pajamas matched the burgundy-themed bedroom, which pleased me. Duh. Maybe I'll figure it out some day.


I am flying near my parent's home in Michigan when I realize that I am dreaming. I decide to try the new method of flying that K. uses in his dreams. He imagines and wills himself flying. I do the same and find that it works wonderfully!

I practice a long time flying along at my usual altitude just above the tree tops. Avoiding telephone wires, I fly through tree branches and practice carrying packages in both arms while flying. Landing in a tree, I imagine and will myself into being supported by thin, thin branches with round, slippery surfaces.

Last night I dreamed of these lines but before I saw them this occurred: I was in an apartment building and we were all witches. While moving from one room thou the hall to another we all became aware that our powers were gone and looked outside. The mayor and some police had a big truck with antennas and satellite dishes parked in front and the dishes were pointed at the house. We knew that this was preventing us from using our powers and some of us snuck outside to sabotage the truck so the rest could escape. We disconnected the power wires on the truck and our powers came back and we all flew away. Later, in a safe house, I went outside to fly and could only go about 6 feet up and then had to pull myself up the trees to get any higher. I looked up and there were power lines overhead.
Note: There was more to the dream but my thought is this...could the power lines be some outside source...a higher power of some sort...trying to prevent us from using our inherent powers. I also am trying to figure out the power lines. Why would so many people have these things in their dreams. They're not a part of our everyday stuff, unless you're a lineman I guess.

I am continuing in my exploration of this phenomena but was wondering what you had found out. Has anyone followed them or tried to merge with them? Or, tried to cut them or disconnect them in some way?
May 4th) Men in aerial wire work. I watched them practice for their art with equipment. They were also connected with wires."
Sept. 6th) Electrical outlets. I had cut the older black cords (many) and left a simple white one-a white box and a white cord."
Note: I am a shaman in Alaska. I journeyed to non-ordinary reality to meet my teachers and asked them for the dreams' meanings. This is what I learned: The wires mean psychic energy-almost like the energy lines in China-the dragonlines that were in old Taoist teachings. In May I had just returned from a 2 week (Shamanic) intensive and this September I was preparing to start the 3 year training. I am "simplifying" going to non-ordinary reality and somehow it is transforming black to white energy (going from the unconscious to the conscious level).
Note: I realized that I had never dreamt of wires...I attempted to incubate a dream with (them) as a subject. But instead, I got one in which I was driving a car. And this does relate to the issue, since neither I had so far dreamed of driving a car.
Well, I engaged myself in a little of self-hypnosis to ask my subconscious one question or two about myself, as well as to try to induce a wire-related daydream. My subconscious, sure enough, let me see how, at a deep level, I perceive both, wires and cars, as instances of an amusingly alien culture. Then I did feel how wires, on account of their electrical nature, may get entangled with one's dream body, which is of a similar stuff. Most folks who are after OOBEs or who dream, want to use that gift for visiting other people and spots whose basis is on physical earth. But surely those who rather travel in their mindform to more alien, or abstract, or thus-called symbolic areas of All That Is, probably won't face the wires situation.

Now, of course, there exists an alternative explanation for wires in a dream. And it is a symbolic one on which myths and shamanic experience can shed light.
In Hawaiian shamanism, the body of the subconscious is termed "aka," a word meaning "shadow." But also "cobweb." It would work much in the way also described by Castenada of Don Juan fame, i.e., like wires linking one's aura with every other event, actual or probable, in the universe. This concept was worked out in a rather more limiting way by Anne Rice in her vampire series, where all those monsters proved to be so connected with the original one. She perhaps, in turn, drew the idea from the ancient occultist view of an original oversoul come from outer space. Also called the banyan tree, for in the case of the afore mentioned parent, the offspring are forever connected to the original parent via roots.
And then there is the infamous spider woman of the native American legends, created to be useful, but becoming tricksome along the way. I bet that she stands for "mind." This is probably the same as the Ariadne that provides the necessary thread to the minosaur (buffalo? North American litho-descriptions of a labyrinth are the same as those found in Minoan art.) (She knits) counterfeit representations of the divine gods or original powers.
Therefore, if Jane Roberts, Jung and Plato are right and archetypes exist, then at least some of those who dream of wires might indeed be seeing, through the interpretation of their subconscious,...a dance of wavicles as the objects of perception constituting their surroundings. Those who dream of wires...might be actually seeing a modernized version of the silver cords. The psychic internet (would put) them in touch with any destination, kind of like a sci fi that I read once in which the insect-like inhabitants of Venus used air-bands as their transportation system.
I believe dreams must be lived rather than interpreted. However, I also take thoughts to be things (and physical things, thoughts). So, when I see anything, e.g. wires, even in the waking world, I do not take them, ever, at face value.
Note: I don't know what the wires may represent in my dreams other than to give a reference as to where the ground is and which way is up when I am flying in the dream. When I come across them in what I would believe to be an out of body experience, astral projection, I have wondered if the pull is the same as an electromagnetic attraction. This reassures me that we are multi-dimensional beings, the body being only one dimension and the "soul" or "spirit" being another. Some people can only experience the physical because they have suppressed the spiritual. I can only believe that the feeling of being drawn to power lines and having to pull away gives me more assurance that the spirit has substance, even though it is not able to be seen or felt by others. I have never been afraid of the power lines because I have always known that I was not in a physical body, but I have never wanted to get too close, I guess (because of) the knowledge that if I touched them in a physical state, it would not be too wise.
January 18th) ...I get on Dad's roof and look back. "J" is slowly coming along. There are wires near the house that he is afraid to touch. He jumps over them onto the roof. I remind him that it's a dream and he can go through these things and not be hurt. I fly away again in big circles. Then I let my body fall to show myself as much as "J" that I won't be hurt. I feel a slight sensation as my back touches the ground. I see the house and the night sky before me. I remember someone saying [I had read somewhere] that they fell and kept on going through the earth. I try it for a bit and do feel myself going down into the ground. I don't go far though. I see that I am in a depression of about a half of a metre. I then want to get the sensation of moving up and out into the night sky. I marvel that the shifting perspective of the house is exactly what it should be as I rise from the earth. I know that I couldn't do this physically and I marvel that my mind is able to create all this so vividly and expertly.
March13th) ...I am angry (from a previous dream scene). I seem to be at the foot of Dad's driveway at night. I look up into the sky and see two moons, then three, then four, then more. I then know I am dreaming; the moons remind me of another lucid (dream) I have had recently in which there were multiple moons in the sky. I rise into the air, still angry. I let the anger carry me. I want revenge (on a character from the previous scene). I say in a sing-song voice "Lucid, I am lucid." But soon the angry feeling goes and I am singing some sounds as I continue to rise into the night sky.
I seem to be a little out of control when it comes to flying. I pass diagonally upward through a number of power lines that are parallel to my Grandmother's driveway (next to my father's place). What an interesting sensation as I feel my body passing through each line (many more lines than in reality). I seem to be moving up backwards and would rather see where I am going. With that thought I am then turned around and seem to have more control. I look back up into the sky, there are no moons now, just thick grey clouds. I decide to fly through them, to go into outer space. I rise up into the clouds. They feel thicker than the air, and seem never ending. I then see two moons close together through the clouds. The moons are very brilliant and there is what looks like a dark satin or silk ribbon of colour flickering over them. Soon the experience seems more like "thinking" than doing and I "wake"...


AlexGC said...

My latest flight night 25 Jan 2011.

I met some warlocks at a house. They were all dressed black. We talked and joked and were excited about the night ahead. We went in a van to a park in a valley. I felt we were going somewhere to an initiateion, party. I felt no danger. When we got out some of us decided it was faster to fly so up we went. I just leaped but this time it was easier than ever. I feel that with more than one of us flying there was more energy, more power and more umph! I had so much more energy I didn't need to kick my legs to ascend. This is the first time I could propel energy through the palm of my hands and I think my legs. This meant speed and power I had never experienced before. I went hight and had more control. It was awesome!
Once again there were power lines that crisscrossed the nights sky I dealt with them by flying over them and powering through them because they were everywhere. I get annoyed with powerlines. The only way to avoid them is to fly higher. I am not very confident flying above them as it freaks me out to go so high often around 50-100 metres high Not only that but landing, which did on a few occasions in the dream is really rough and hard. The higher I go the faster I come down. This makes me nervous. Anyway flying with others was great and we showed off to each other and the others that could not fly down below. I tend to show off whenever I fly, to friends or people I allow to see me. Not sure what happened at the end of this dream I think my wife woke me as our son was very ill. This dream happened around 3 - 4 am. They are very real and I can feel everything and see perfectly even though it is almost always dark when I fly. I meet all sorts of people have conversation and generally I feel we are having the same dream adventure. The people I meet seem very real. This is the first dream with warlocks. I had an experience with pagans and thus ending a few friendships and was thinking about them before I slept that night.
This was not the same as my astral projections it is less real and more dream like. It is somewhere inbetween dreaming and astral projection.
If you can control a dream then this is what it is like. If I want to have a flying dream I just think about having one and I do within a day or two. I love flying and have done so for as long as I remember. All you have to do is believe you can fly and you will. I used to run along the street in a dream then start bounding higher and higher, like a kangaroo. This go me off the gorung and high enough to propel myself a few feet off the ground. No in this latest dream I can prpel energy through my palms and feet. Totally wicked!
Have fun and most of all have safe landings :) Alexander

Paul said...

i fly at least twice a week, and often there are wires in the dream, i can usually reach any speed i want when flying , but it is the height of the flight that is the issue, i have been able to move past them, and move out into the universe, but at some point i lose power to fly and fall to earth.

i became very suspicious of the wires, as they are always power wires, and the meaning of that is to "confine" so i started flying in to the wires, only to find i either became entangled in them, or i received shocks ( which didnt worry me).

i understand life is an illusion, and matter is energy in a different state of existence... so using that analogy, i would see that there is a reason to have wires...."to confine"..but still im not comfortable with being confined and will continue to move out of my comfort zone....