Are flying dreams about longing for sexual performance?

Marc Chagall; Au dessus de la ville; 1924

...In dreams the wish to be able to fly is to be understood as nothing else than a longing to be capable of sexual performance. This is an early infantile wish... Whenever children feel in the course of their sexual researches that in the providence which is so mysterious but nevertheless to important there is something wonderful of which adults are capable but which they are forbidden to know of and do, they are filled with a violent wish to be able to do it, and they dream of it in the form of flying, or they prepare this disguise of their wish to be used in their later flying dreams.

Sigmund Freud


Sigmund was obsessed with sexuality. It was extremely unfortunate for psychology that it was his model that predominated for much of the twentienth century, rather than the much more balanced approach of Carl Jung.

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