"Dream of Flying": Drawing your dreams

(Dream art on the internet, anonymous)
I dreamt that I was going to a dance. I am in a town shopping, looking for something to wear. I’ve been in this town in previous dreams, along the main street; it reminds me of Lighthouse Avenue in Monterey. It is dusk and I am with my sister. We are going from shop to shop looking for dresses. I am in a dress shop, looking at skirts, there are other women in the shop as well looking for dance clothes. I can’t find anything that looks right. I am with a group of people in a large ballroom with a high ceiling. A man who looks like Johnny Depp is teaching us to fly. It feels great, so free and easy. I look at the wings and they are snowy white, just like a bird’s wing. We are back in town, time is running out and I feel under pressure to find an outfit to wear. I am looking through racks and racks of clothes. Finally I select a black skirt but I am not happy with it. The man comes into the shop and says that we must have a mask sewn to our face. Two girls begin to sew a clear plastic mask to my face. They make a face and they are apologetic. I tell them it is worth the pain to be able to fly.I am out on the street with the man and other people who are going to the dance. We are ready to fly to the ballroom for the dance. I look in the distance and I can see the ballroom. It is along the coast and it looks like the ballroom at the boardwalk. I feel something on my face and discover that I am bleeding from the sewn on mask. The man tells us it is time to go and I take off right away as I am anxious to fly. I rise quickly and lose sight of everyone. There are power lines to clear and I fly higher to try to avoid them. The higher I fly the more lines appear and it becomes dark and foggy. I fly higher and higher.
The image certainly adds to the story, which is powerful in its own right. Dreams are often not pretty, or even easy to listen to, yet the expression of them is very important to the psyche and the paths on which it is moving.
Not everyone is this talented as this artist, yet at whatever level of art, drawing a dream is an important way to honor the importance of the dreaming process, and a path to healing.

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