Darth Vader

I had this recurrent nightmare three times…

I am dreaming Darth Vader is on the back porch of the house. It is night. He is dressed in his typical manner in black with the helmet. I awake and feel extreme threat. The hair on the back of my neck is up. I am frightened. I go over and over it in my mind. What is the threat? Does it have to do my wife? My marriage? Is it from my house? The nightmare was never about me.

Six months after the first nightmare I was diagnosed with rectal carcinoidcancer. I had a surgical cure. They found the cancer (which was not otherwise amenable to treatment) over half way through the rectum.

(This was the nightmare of a then forty-seven year psychologist and close friend.)


Darth Vader, the figure from George Lucas Star Wars saga, has become a stable figure in scary dreams. With his dark armor, dark visor, and black cape, he epitomizes the dangerous bogeyman for many people…. The similarity between the word death and the name Darth is registered by the movie watcher, perhaps only subliminally.

The Universal Dream Key, Patricia Garfield, Page 13


I don’t think my friend talked to me about this nightmare at the time, although I do remember him telling me of dreaming of alligators that were out to get him during that time period. He also did not consult anyone about this recurrent nightmare or tell his doctor. (Similarly, I did not take my dream, in the first blog, about the crashing red airplane seriously enough.)

It is not a particularly obscure symbolic leap to see the connection between the back porch and the rectum, or death and Darth Vader.

Repetitive dreams are particularly important; the Unconscious is trying to get the message through, but the information is being ignored and needs to be repeated, often in scary terms.

This reminds me of the line from Ghostbusters -- When you have a nightmare, Who you gonna call?

Actually, you can call the Nightmare Hotline:



This is a twenty-four hour service run by the good people of Cyberdreamwork. These trained people are not going to do therapy or interpret the dream for you, but they will listen generously to you and help you debrief from it.


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