Rust, Cancer and the Kitchen

Cancer of the colon is shown as mutated and usually slow moving animals. Often they are shown in a dead forest or forest in fall. Snakes or worms under the cooker in the kitchen or rust eating into a kitchen appliance indicate the same thing. Crows or rats eating into the back door of the house indicate cancer of the rectum (the back door of the body).

This is the most detailed description of dreams and cancer I have come across. (Note the similarity between his desciption here and the Darth Vader dream mentioned three blogs ago.) Michael Sheridan has a radio show in Ireland where he interprets dreams. He is astoundingly matter-of-fact about his interpretations.

It would be critically important to see this type of material as “evidence-based medicine," which is the new watchword for medical practice. The evidence right now is mostly anecdotal; what are the chances of doctors both asking about your dreams and starting to do medical research about them?

Evidence Based Medicine

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