The Dream of Henri Rousseau

Henri Rousseau: The Dream; 1910, The Musuem of Modern Art
6'8" by 9'9"

I am writing in response to your friendly letter to explain to you why the couch in question is where it is. The woman asleep on the couch is dreaming she has been transported into the forest, listening to the sounds of the instrument of the enchanter.

Letter from Henri Rousseau to Andre Dupont, 1910


This blog has focused up to now on the diagnostic aspects of dreams, with some particularly disturbing vivid dreams and nightmares.
Dreams also contain tremendous healing imagery, and the blogs soon will focus more on the dreams and healing.
Henri Rousseau was considered a "naive" artist. In spite of his lack of formal art education, his paintings convey a powerful immediacy of experience, as if he is painting from the level of the Unconscious.
Art has to do with making the invisible visible far more than it has to do with perfect technique. Painting from dreams, whether "naive" or not, can be both healing and powerful. Images drawn from dreams will be featured in latter sections of this blog.
Henri Rousseau Images
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